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Our taxis are cleaned regularly. Fresh air ventilation may be in operation.


There is no requirement to wear masks on our tours. Requirements are subject to change at short notice.

Keeping You Informed

We will keep you informed of any changes to your tour due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Safe Travels

We are open and look forward to welcoming you back!

The pandemic is not over and, at Fab 4 Taxi Tours, the safety & health of our guests and team members are always of paramount importance to us.

We have gone through a rigorous health & safety scheme to ensure your safety during our tours.

We continue to stay up-to-date on public health guidelines, destination restrictions, and travel recommendations.

If required, we will update our operations accordingly.


Covid-19 & General Virus Spreading Prevention

This document has been compiled by Brit Music Tours Ltd (Fab 4 Taxi Tours) as a working document and transparent reference point for our customers, staff, directors, suppliers & authorities to disclose and demonstrate awareness, procedure, principles and action.

Brit Music Tours Ltd (Fab 4 Taxi Tours) recognises their responsibility to ensure that their staff, passengers, vehicles & suppliers comply with health & safety legislation and maximise the safety of our clients & staff in relation to Covid-19.

In brief, we are making sure that all vehicles are cleaned to the highest standards, that all staff are trained (and re-trained when emerging or evolving information determines) and are provided with the right knowledge and equipment to carry out their duties effectively.

We feel it vitally important to have a protocol in place and that this is transparent.

Our plan, in detail, is as follows.

1a COVID PREVENTION PLAN: Operational & Staff Preparedness

• We’re making sure we open not sooner than the applicable reopening date by government
• We’re developing a COVID-19 prevention & in-practice plan including an action/checklist for infection prevention and a special cleaning and disinfection plan (as outlined below):
– Regular cleaning of vehicle inside/out (after every use) cleansing by strict hygiene protocols – these include:
1) Total disinfection of complete interior & touched exterior of vehicle prior to new passenger arrival
2) Regular disinfection of door handles, touched surfaces, seats, armrests etc.
3) Fresh air ventilation as often as possible (ideally every few minutes at least)
4) 20 minutes cleaning time for cab after each tour allocated (similar to NHS standards) using government guidelines & approved disinfectant (e.g. EN14675 or EN14476)
– Hand hygiene includes:
1) Travsafe packs incl. disinfectant wipes & masks available for guests on request
2) Disinfecting hands each time when entering/exiting the vehicle (via driver; spray bottle)
3) No hand shaking etc.
4) Coughing/sneezing in arm-fold only
5) Hand sanitizer for driver (in driver cab area)
– Staff PPE includes:
1) Mask/visor when guests enter/leave vehicle
2) Visor for guiding (made available by company) for easier engagement (smile, sound, full face etc.)
3) Social distance rule between guest(s) & staff of 1m+ where possible
– Guests/staff need to be symptom-free at all times – symptoms are:
1) High temperature
2) Continuous cough
3) Breathing difficulties
Guests should not be let into the vehicle if any of those symptoms are clearly visible; driver should not offer to drive if suffering from any of the above symptoms
– Cleanliness and disinfection best practices above should be up-to-date & validated by expert bodies, health authorities and governmental institutions
• Implemented protocols and guidelines for staff/driver health, including issue & communication of a stay-home policy for anyone displaying any symptoms as per WHO guidelines
• Rules for in-office staff:
1) Physical distance rule
2) Change office layout if required
3) Limit number of staff in common areas
4) Provide hand sanitizer throughout office with same cleaning protocols as vehicles for:
– commonly touched surfaces
– hands
5) Protocol to minimise physical contact
6) Symptom-free (as above) at work only
• Integrated technologies to enable automation such as contactless payment via website (booking system)
• Establish with suppliers & partners including restaurants, hotels, parks, transport partners and venues that they follow likeminded health and hygiene protocols and guidelines to protect guests as required
• COVID-19 contingency plan should new cases emerge in collaboration with suppliers and partners
• Explore different options for operations, where possible, such as advanced tickets, timed entries, smaller groups


• Duty of care to our staff/drivers: implementing safety protocols (above) & a staff care protocol to include:
1) a point of contact for staff (if displaying symptoms, has questions, worried about work etc.) – that person is Alex Jacobs (mobile: 07813787009)
2) we’re giving clear guidelines (as above) to drivers, office staff and local partners (restaurants etc.) on infection control, physical contact, sharing of food and utensils, appropriate attire, and enhanced hygiene measures, the use of masks as required by our above plan of prevention procedures
• Request that key stakeholders such as partner venues, hotels and transport partners have trained their staff on likeminded protocols to enable consistent approach across sector
• All training should be informed by the latest advice from public health authorities and/or WHO
• Regular monitoring of well-being of drivers & office staff by leadership, encouraging them to follow governmental and WHO guidelines

2 DELIVERY: A Safe Experience

• Work with all suppliers/partners to understand what additional measures have been introduced
• Confirm with suppliers processes focused on enhanced sanitation, disinfection, and deep cleaning practices for vehicles, food settings, entertainment venue as well as increase their cleaning/disinfection frequency: 1) Use approved cleaning products (e.g. EN14675 or EN14476) 2) Continuous guidance to cleaning team with a specific focus on high-frequency touch points & enhance cleaning frequency as appropriate (ideally without guests present for better experience) 3) Approved disinfecting products made available at sanitation stations to guests 4) Provide additional individual disinfecting products for guests if possible 5) Allocate seating plans with no rotation (in larger groups) 6) Potentially provide bins (or similar) with liner bags in vehicle and regular disposal where possible
• Implement customer processes including guest information and minimising physical contact: 1) Limit queues where possible 2) Potentially make masks available to guests (if required by authorities in future) 3) Online check-in and contactless check-out tools and procedures 4) Staggered timing where/when possible for access to venues and restaurants
• Partner restaurants to follow likeminded health, sanitation, disinfection and hygiene and food safety protocols to protect guests, such as: 1) Approved disinfecting products made available at entrance to guests in the form of alcohol-based hand sanitiser as appropriate. 2) Establish with restaurant that restaurant staff are trained and adhere to likeminded health, hygiene, and physical contact guidelines 3) Avoid guests handling of food at buffets 4) Regular cleaning of coffee/drinks machines and where possible operated by staff member 5) Enhanced cleaning, including disinfecting of tables and chairs after guest has left and using dishwasher over hand-washing where possible 6) Minimised physical contact through table spacing and guest seating if required by local legislation 7) Payment method to prioritise contactless and pre-payment methods

3 REBUILDING: Trust & Confidence

Transparency and communication with guests:
1) Provide clear, consistent and up-to-date communication to customers on new health & hygiene protocols via our website, social media & emails
2) Provide clear hygiene guidelines in physical form within vehicle
3) Work with suppliers to implement clear signage to inform guests of the enhanced cleaning protocols, avoiding physical contact, and recommendations
4) Share guest guidelines ahead of trip (email) and in person (staff training) upon commencement of tour on the basis of advice from health authorities which may include the wearing of face masks or coverings, guidance on hand hygiene and avoiding physical contact.
5) Consumers to acknowledge guidelines prior to commencement of tour
6) Inform guests about support available if questions or concerns arise (staff training – guest- facing staff/drivers should be trained and prepared to answer questions, resolve challenges such as the detection of new cases, address situations where guests are not complying and share protocols before and during tour to reassure traveller (see below point 5))
7) Explore collaboration with medical/travel insurance companies to offer traveller insurance covering COVID-19 who could assist with arrangements should they be necessary such as emergency repatriation and medical care (for future arrangements i.e. multi-day tours in 2021)
8) Promote contact tracing apps once available to help prevent the spread


What are we doing in practice Before each tour: – Risk Assessment: Look, Decide, Evaluate, Report, Review – Removal of waste from vehicle (also to ask guests to do this at end of tour) – Deep cleaning process to remove any residual dirt on surfaces etc. (in well-ventilated vehicle) – Enhanced disinfection (whilst using PPE where necessary) using appropriate disinfectant (e.g. EN14675 or EN14476) and following manufacturer’s / government guidelines – Total cleaning time of vehicle: 20 minutes (minimum) – Wash hands (20 seconds minimum) after cleaning Interaction with passenger: – Keep contact with passengers to a minimum (1m+ social distance rule, updated 04 July 2020) – avoid ANY form of touch – Face shield requirement during entry/exit of guests & any interaction outside the vehicle – Use common sense for signs of symptoms – Inform guests at all times of social distance rules, protocols etc. – Provide disinfectant wipes / hand cream or similar for personal use for guests After the tour: – Repeat of the procedures “before each tour”


If a guest develops/arrives with COVID-19 symptoms – If a passenger arrives with symptoms of COVID-19, they should be denied boarding (ensure social distance of 2m as soon as possible & advise to return home & self-isolate). – Reassure guests to call our office to make plans for a potential future departure date – In an emergency call 999 or 112 – If a passenger develops symptoms during the day on tour with us, they must let the driver know as soon as possible – this will trigger the following: • Take passenger place of original pick-up to self-isolate (if possible) • The applicable vehicle is locked down and deep cleaned as soon as possible • The vehicle must then be isolated (quarantined) for a minimum of 48 hours • Second deep clean & isolated for a further 24 hours • Third deep clean prior to next tour

Disclaimer This guidance has been developed in partnership by the Professional Association of Self-Caterers, and the Wales Tourism Alliance. It is supported by the Tourism Alliance and the Scottish Tourism Alliance. This content is based on guidance from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), WHO (World Health Organisation), European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), and Centres for Disease Control (CDC), NIH (National Institutes of Health), NHS (National Health Service). These agencies do not endorse this content. This is guidance only, and Brit Music Tours Ltd makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability with respect to this content provided for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.



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