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When it comes to finding the best Beatles tour Liverpool, research is important. You know you want to see all the Beatles sites but with so many companies and Beatles tours available, how do you choose the best one?  The best way is to spend a little time checking reviews and the tour companies.  Work out how long you have got, whether you want a group or private tour, what locations are important. Do you also want to see some of the famous landmarks in Liverpool City? Once you have answered these questions you can look at some of the tour companies and decide which is best suited for you.

Walking or Guided?

You need to decide if you want a walking tour or a guided tour. If you want a walking tour then you can look for walking tour companies or conduct a tour yourself using google maps. Some of the more popular locations are listed below.  If you only have time for an hour tour then a taxi tour might be best suited. Perhaps you like the idea of a personalised Beatles tour where you get driven to some locations, are left to walk for as long as you wish before you get back to be driven to the next location.

Group or Private Tours?

You need to decide if you want a group tour or a more private tour.  A bigger group can be a little more impersonal, while a smaller group can be more intimate.  What would you prefer?  How many are there of you?  Do you want to be surrounded by other people?  Would you prefer a more intimate tour?  These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to decide if a group or private tour is best for you. For some people, a bus tour is an ideal choice, while others prefer private taxi tours.

Group Bus Tours

Group tours on buses & coaches are great fun for people that want to share the experience with others. Lone travellers often prefer a group tour so they can meet people. It depends how sociable you are or want to be. Tour companies often use mini coaches with less people on each tour.  So if big groups overwhelm you and you enjoy the company of a few people at a time, a small mini coach tour might be right for you. If the number of people on tour concerns you check with the company how many other people will be on your tour.   Bus and coach tours can be great fun.  Lots of like-mind people all out to have a good day.

Private Beatles Taxi Tour Liverpool

Here at Fab 4 Taxi Tours we believe we run the best Beatles tour here in Liverpool. The tour company was set up after seeing a bus tour travelling down Penny Lane stuck in the traffic. With little opportunity to take photographs, the idea of a more personalised tour was born. The idea was to use a taxi as it is much more accessible than a bus. Also, it allows tourists to spend as much time as they wanted at Beatles or other Liverpool locations.

Today we believe we offer the best Beatles tours, history tours, sightseeing tours & combination/bespoke tours. With a private taxi tour you get a much more intimate and unique tour where you can choose exactly where you want to spend most of your time. We only use professional local taxi drivers and each of them is a character in their own right. Our customers regularly thank and tell us how they will remember the tour for rest of their life.

Best Beatles Private Taxi Tours

Tour Length

The time you have in a city will also depend on the tour company you choose. Many tour companies only offer day tours or set times for tours. Other tour companies including us here at Fab 4 Taxi Tours offer full day tours, half day tours or just a couple of hours. So, deciding how long you have got and how long you want your tour to last should be decided first.

A short Beatles tour of say two hours will take you to some of the best Beatles locations in Liverpool. You could visit the childhood homes of John, Paul, George and Ringo. The famous street Penny Lane with its ‘barber showing photographs’, and the ‘shelter in the middle of the roundabout’ are all close by. There would be time to have your photograph taken by the famous red gates to Strawberry Fields. Also see the real-life Eleanor Rigby tomb stone that was possibly the influence to the famous 1966 song.

Tour Guides

Tour guides can be what makes the whole experience one to remember. You want passionate people who love and know Liverpool and ideally locals. The best tours guides are professional local taxi drivers who know the city and its history better than anyone. The tour guide can make or break your trip.  Anyone who has been on a tour knows that the tour guide is key to a great trip.  Tour guides with local accents who have lived in Liverpool their whole life make the best Beatles tour guides. They have lived and breathed the city all their life and their love of the city will illuminate from them. The last thing you want is an outsider or young guide or someone who is effectively a walking know it all type. You want a real Liverpool local with character and passion for the city and its history. This is where we believe we have the best.  All are local taxi drivers and characters in their own right.

Beatles Locations

A trip to Liverpool to visit Beatles locations wouldn’t be complete without a visit to arguably the most famous club in the world, the Cavern Club.  It can be found on 10 Mathew St, Liverpool L2 6RE:

Casbah Coffee Club

This famous club states on its website that it is ‘the holy grail’ of the Beatles trail.  Where the Beatles truly began.  You might have a hard time finding the club as it’s not the quaint coffee shop you might imagine.  It’s just a house down a narrow street crowned by trees. The basement is where Mona Best (Pete Bests mum) in 1959 turned her basement into a coffee club for her kids and their friends to listen and play music.  Keeping them off the street basically.  The Quarrymen at the time, John, Paul, George Harrison, and Ken Brown were friends with Pete and helped finish the club to be.  It soon became a popular club to the point where Mona approached the Cavern which was then a Jazz only club.  They agreed and the rest is history as they say.  

Cashbah Coffee Club

McCartney & Lennon Playing at the Casbah_Club
McCartney and Lennon playing on the opening night of the Casbah Coffee Club. Fair use, Link

The address for Casbah Coffee Club is 8 Haymans Green, West Derby Village, Liverpool, L12 7JG

Penny Lane

Penny Lane was where John Lennon and Paul McCartney used to meet to catch a bus into town. Below is a link to the Penny Lane road sign made famous by the Beatles song of the same name that that was released in February 1967.

Penny Lane

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields Forever was written by John Lennon and released on 13 February 1967. Such an iconic song, after his death, a section of New York’s Central Park was named after the song.  Lennon based the song on his childhood memories of playing in the garden which at the time was an orphanage.

Strawberry Fields Liverpool

Below is a link the original Strawberry Fields in Liverpool.

Childhood Homes

A tour of Beatles locations isn’t complete without a visit the childhood homes of Paul McCartney’s, John Lennon and Ringo, and  George Harrison. Paul McCartney grew up at 20 Forthlin Road, Allerton, but today it is a National Trust property and you can go inside.  Labelled by the National Trust as “the birthplace of the Beatles”.

Paul McCarntney’s Childhood Home


Paul McCartney Childhood Home

Check Reviews – Trip advisor

So how do you know if a tour company is any good?  One way to look for reviews is by putting ‘tripadvisor beatles tour Liverpool’ into google and going through recent Trip advisor reviews.  Companies that are good at what they do will get a far higher percentage of good reviews than others. They will care and encourage reviews.  If a company only has reviews on its website and not on a site like Trip advisor, beware, these could be fake.   A tour company that cares and strives to provide the best tour experience possible will want you to share your reviews on Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor is the most well known and respected in the tour industry.

Check the Company Website

Whenever using a company it is always a good idea to check the legitimacy of the business. Look on the company website and look for a listed address, phone number, company number. A website can have perfect spelling and grammer and look legitmate but without any of the above proceed with caution. You could go further and check on Companies House and run a credit check. Generally if a business is very visable with reviews and is as transaparent as possible with its information, then you know you are in good hands. A truly legitmate company will have nothing to hide and will want to provide a great service and have the reviews to prove it.

Fab 4 Taxi Tours

If you’re a Beatles fan then all you need is (apart from Love) to go on a private Beatles tour of Liverpool by Taxi, take a look at our tours here.  We believe our tours and our taxi driver tour guides create the best Beatles Liverpool tour available.  You will have an expert driver guide who takes you round the home city of the Beatles in comfort.  A good Beatles tour should be crammed with anecdotes and trivia.  Our taxi tours not only entertain but also teach tourists all about the Fab 4, their manager, The Quarrymen, other band members and much more.

Fab 4 Taxi Tours TripAdvisor Reviews

Click here to see our TripAdvisor Reviews.

Some of our most recent 5 start reviews from March this year are below:

Chantonnay, France
Having grown up in the era this was a fabulous trip. The driver was pleasant and well informed, we were not rushed at any venue and it was like stepping back in town. A must!

Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom
Brilliant Tour of Lovely Liverpool
What a brilliant tour. Not only did we get to see all the Beatles sites and understand the stories together with some lovely old photos but also got great history of the city. Clare was so helpful , fun and accommodating. Can’t recommend this enough 😀

Fred D
Volendam, The Netherlands
Liverpool sensational
We had a great tour this sunday with Steve. And with his lovely taxi Lovely Rita. It was for us the third time and we are learning from Steve also a lot from the history of Liverpool, Thanks Stevee

lj l wrote a review Mar 2020
Nottingham, United Kingdom
Thoroughly enjoyable!!
Thoroughly enjoyed our taxi tour with Clare. She was interesting and knowledgeable but more importantly she made the tour so much fun. She had us laughing the whole time.
Would recommend this trip to visitors but also to people who know Liverpool well (we are residents of the Wirral) as there is so much to learn on the tour. Fabulous afternoon out. Thanks, Clare!

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